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  • Antique Furniture

  • Glassware and lamps

  • Brass

  • Clocks including grandfather clocks

  • Wall clocks and mantle clocks

  • Leather chairs

  • Chesterfield sofas

  • Jewellery

  • Mirrors

  • Oil lamps and spare parts

Are you looking for a beautiful antique or piece of furniture for your home?

From that perfect leather chair to a stunning crystal vase or even a beautiful golden necklace, Object Assist Ltd supply a wide variety of antiques at very reasonable prices.

Do you have antiques or furniture you would like to sell?

Are you looking to sell an antique to make some extra space and money but you're worried about dodgy dealers and con artists? Then contact the honest and reliable local antiques and furniture traders at

Object Assist Ltd.


We have an excellent local reputation as an honest and reliable antique trading company. We pride ourselves on our integrity and excellent prices. Whether you want to sell an antique clock or a piece of furniture like a leather Chesterfield sofa, Object Assist Ltd will help you make more space and money and we take most antiques and furniture. We offer top prices and can even pay you in cash if it suits you. For more information and to request a free quote contact us today.

Some of the antiques we trade include

A wide range of quality antiques available for you

Next time you need a home makeover, why not discover something with a unique character at Object Assist Ltd? With a wide range of beautiful and stylish antiques on offer we will help you find that perfect something to suit you and your home.


To find out what we have available in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas, contact us today.

Find something unique

and elegant for your home.

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